Sawit Kinabalu Bio-Tech Sdn. Bhd which located at Balung, Tawau was established in 2005 with a primary objective to produce high quality clonal planting materials with an increase of yield more than 30% compared to the conventional material D x P.

Comprehensive ortet selection was done under Sawit Kinabalu Oil Palm Breeding Research in compliance with SIRIM standard MS 2099:2008 under most stringent selection criteria.

Sawit Kinabalu Bio-Tech has the capacity to produce half millions ramets per annum. They are staffed with a team of experienced tissue culturist and technical supported by MPOB’s research scientist with more than 30 years’ experience in commercial oil palm tissue culture. Therefore, Sawit Kinabalu ramet production is based on well-established and proven process and protocol.

Any inquiries, please contact:

Mr. Thompson Rayner
Sawit Kinabalu Biotech Sdn. Bhd,
Locked Bag No. 28,
Sabah, Malaysia

Tel: +60 89922948

Fax: +60 89923948