Sawit Kinabalu Seeds Sdn. Bhd. has embarked on a dedicated oil palm breeding research and development programme over the last two decades. The company’s seed production facility located at Apas Balung, Tawau, Sabah, Malaysia is currently capable of producing 10 million of oil palm D x P (Dura x Pisifera) germinated seeds per year. We are committed to the sustainability of the oil palm industry which not only requires the availability of high quality planting material but also its continuous improvement to remain competitive.

With the vast collection of germplasm from Sabah Breeding Programme (SBP) and MPOB, we are able to continuously deliver the highest standard product to our customers. The parental Dura and Pisifera palms used in the seed production were from the selected palms which have been certified with MS 157:2005 and attained higher performance as compared to the SIRIM standard. Selection of palms for seed production relies on strict selection criteria, based on progeny testing results as well as family and individual phenotypes.

Our seed is characterized by its promising high yield and high oil extractions rate. The production of this high quality seed is achieved through an efficient technical and administrative quality control programs. The seed produced under very stringent production procedures, carried out by highly competent production team and constantly complied with the MS ISO 9001:2008 granted by IQ Net and SIRIM QAS for Quality Management System. Quality management systems help to ensure the D x P seed produced reliably meets specifications. That consistency and uniformity builds customer confidence and delivers satisfaction and value to the oil palm planters.

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