Saplantco Sdn Bhd consists of 6 nurseries, strategically located all over Sabah.


1.    Sg Balung Nursery      – Apas Balung, Tawau
2.    Sebrang Nursery     – Silabukan, Lahad Datu
3.    Mensuli Nursery     – Sandau, Lahad Datu
4.    Annex Nursery     – Sukau, Kinabatangan
5.    Langkon Nursery     – Langkon, Kota Marudu
6.    Lumadan Nursery     – Bukau, Beaufort


All the nurseries combined Saplantco is capable to produce almost One Million oil palm seedlings a year depending on the markets demand. The seeds are obtained from our own seeds production facility, Sawit Kinabalu Seeds Sdn Bhd located at Apas Balung, Tawau. The seed are characterized by its promising high yield and high oil extractions rate. The production of this high quality seed is achieved through an efficient technical and administrative quality control programs. The seed was produced under very stringent production procedures, carried out by highly competent production team and constantly complied with the MS ISO 9001:2008 granted by IQ Net and SIRIM QAS for Quality Management System.

Planting of this high quality seeds are handled by our experienced and certified team with the accreditation from MPOB for nursery management in oil palm nursery. The nurseries are also certified with CoPN of good oil palm nursery management from MPOB.

We at Saplantco strive to ensure only the best oil palm seedlings are sold through our management of the nurseries and our strict quality control on the ground. By ensuring only good quality seedlings are planted we will be able to continue to ensure that Sabah will remain one of the top producers in Malaysia.
For orders and technical advice, please contact our Nursery Manager:

Adrian Chung,
Regional Office Beaufort,
P.O. Box 803,
89808, Beaufort
Tel. No.: +60 87 211722, 211782
Fax No. :+60 87 211780



Rohani Bte Munir
Agri-Business Unit,
Locked Bag No. 28,
91009 TAWAU
Tel. No.: +60 89 920566
Fax No. :+60 89 923724