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As a successful government owned corporation in palm oil business and integral to the Sabah Development Corridor blueprint, Sawit Kinabalu has been given the trust to spearhead another iconic project for the development of the industrial land known as palm oil industrial cluster or POIC in Sandakan, Sabah.

For the Group, the project is regarded as an opportunity to diversify its business in downstream activities. Commercially marketed as SAWIT POIC, a total area of 2,800 acres of land is being developed in two phases. SAWIT POIC is a well planned and dedicated industrial park for all oil palm related activities.

The project is a strategic initiative of the State government to further boost the oil palm industry in Sabah by creating investment opportunities in downstream activities. Supported by modern and complete infrastructures investors will enjoy the economic advantage of investing in Sawit POIC.

Already known as the gateway to East Malaysia, Sandakan is also undergoing unprecedented development with the implementation of other important project namely, the Education Hub, upgrading of its airport, road network for better access along with upgrading of Sandakan harbour making Sandakan a major marine hub.

All these will not only make SAWIT POIC an ideal investment location but also Sandakan as a city and region will become a desired destination for business and leisure.

The Infrastructure, Facilities & Landscape

Modern infrastructure, utilities, amenities and handling facilities that include Roads, Power Supply, Water Supply, Centralized Sewage System, A liquid Jetty Cargo and Telecommunication System.

Landscape design component include open space, buffer zone, hilly steep and streetscape area. It is ensure that the harmony between man made elements and nature is truly achieved.Busy & easy excess Port for international export and import handling.

Infrastructure Facilities

Liquid Jetty

Up to 50,000 DWT, berthing for tankers and barges with conveyor systems and methanol pipelines.


30 meter wide for 2 way traffic, a 20,15 and 12 meter wide road within commercial center and SMI area.

Power Supply

Ph2 = 65 MW

Water Supply

12 MLD by 2018 (Ph2)


Sophisticated voice, video, data and internet services will be made available in the entire SAWIT POIC. A full range of telecommunication services will be in place.

Centralized Sewarage, Hazardous Waste Treatment

225mm underground FRP pipes and vitrified clay (VCP) pipes. Effluent standard COD max 500mg/litre, BOD5 max 250mg/litre free of chemicals, acids or hazardous materials.

Business Opportunities

Downstream investment opportunities:

  • Trans Free Food Products
  • Bio-mass
  • Nutraceuticals / Phytonutrients
  • Oleo-chemical
  • Fuel & Power Supply Industry

Upstream investment opportunities:

  • Plantation Planting
  • Materials
  • Farm Machinery
  • Mills
  • Analytical Equipment

The investment opportunities for the energy sector:

  • bio-diesel (methyl ester)
  • boiler fuel
  • biomass energy from oil palm residues
  • biogas from effluent ponds